Letting Small Cap Winners Run

Over the years some of our clients have requested a portfolio built on our small cap growth expertise with the added ability to hold onto what we believe are the most successful investments even as they grow to well over $10 billion in market cap. That is the essence of our SMID strategy.

Compound Annual Growth of $10,000 investment

Results Displayed in US Dollar Source: Axys 4/1/2000-03/31/2022. This graph is for illustrative purposes only. Information for SMID Cap Growth based on composite returns calculated net of fees. Performance does not represent actual client accounts. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and the value of your account may increase or decrease over time. Please click here for additional graph disclosures. For a GIPS Report click here: SMID Capitalization Growth Equity GIPS Report

High Growth, High Quality

  • We invest in fast growing  small and mid cap companies that can become much larger companies over our holdings period
  • Diversified 40-60 stock portfolio with no single holding above 5%

We Do Our Own Homework

  • Portfolio of companies we know well from our small cap and micro cap research
  • Use a variety of information sources built up over years of experience
  • Experienced team focusing on uncovering the true risks and potential for these stocks

Small Caps with Opportunities for Growth Still to Come

  • Companies that are addressing growing, large markets
  • Differentiated product allowing market disruption and leadership
  • Strong, defendable competitive position
  • Organic revenue growth substantially faster than the benchmark index
  • Generally profitable and expanding margins even as they grow rapidly
  • Proven management team with a clear growth strategy

Strong Sell Discipline

  • If our high growth thesis deteriorates, for any reason, we sell