Our philosophy

We believe investing in companies that can sustain high organic growth rates will drive superior investment returns. The better we are at identifying these rare, high-growth companies, the better our investment performance will be.

How we select stocks

We screen the universe of publicly traded companies to find companies in each market cap segment that are growing revenue at high rates. Then the hard work begins. Sourcing information from company managements combined with analyst, trade, and industry contacts developed over 25 years, we build a mosaic to determine which companies have the rare mix of ingredients to sustain high growth.

We do our own research

Our team has over 100 years combined experience researching and investing in growth stocks. We screen, research, and build financial models internally. We actively debate each stock in the portfolio prior to purchase and for as long as we hold it.

We work together

We believe in a team approach to research and to investment decision making. We operate a flat structure where each of our experienced portfolio managers has equal responsibility for each holding in the portfolio. The same people who do the research pick the stocks.

We admit our mistakes

The fewer mistakes we make, the lower our risk and the better our returns. But we do make mistakes and a key part of our process is to admit quickly when we are wrong and sell the impacted stock

We mitigate risk

We believe the biggest risk to our portfolios is an issue at one of our companies causing a sudden, unforeseen slowdown in growth. We spend over half our time continuing to research the companies in the portfolio to make sure fundamentals remain strong. We also maintain sector and stock level constraints.