Our History

NCG was founded in 1998 with the goal of utilizing a specific growth stock investing strategy to achieve superior long-term investment returns for every client who entrusts us to manage their assets. Since then we have built track records that, over the long-term, have surpassed the respective benchmark indexes.


The firm is structured to give our portfolio managers the time and freedom to focus almost entirely on making good investment decisions. We keep distractions to a minimum and endeavor to do just one thing: find those rare companies that can grow at high rates for an extended period.


NCG is 80% owned by our active portfolio manager partners. We have full control over how we operate the firm and manage client assets.

Our Team

Our team has remained very consistent over the years. The team managing assets today is the same one that built the firm’s track records over the past many years. The team has over 100 years combined investment experience working together at NCG.


Our investment philosophy has remained consistent over the years and has demonstrated long-term investment outperformance across a variety of economic shocks and cycles.


We have invested significant personal capital in the firm and into investment portfolios which are identical to the ones we manage for our clients.