Who We Are

Since the inception of the firm, our philosophy, strategy, and process have remained consistently focused on investing in high growth companies to create value for our clients. We believe our focus and expertise in growth investing can help clients navigate the markets and accomplish their investment goals.

About Us

Investment Philosophy

We seek to invest in the fastest growing and highest quality companies in America. We believe a portfolio consisting of high-quality growth companies, combined with a strong sell discipline, will lead to both compounding of portfolio value and better performance than the unmanaged index over the long-term.

Firm Highlights

  • Long-term Track Record of Outperformance
  • Stable Investment Team Focused on Executing Growth Philosophy
  • Disciplined, Consistent Investment Process
  • Independent Firm Owned by Portfolio Managers
  • Investment Team has Personal Investments Aligned with Clients

Strategies Offered

Separate Accounts


Investment Performance

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance and the value of your account may increase or decrease over time. Reported in USD. Performance figures for less than one year are not annualized. Please click here for additional graph disclosures.